Nannou is an open-source, creative-coding toolkit for Rust.

The aim of this guide is to help you find the information you are looking for. Whether you are new to Nannou and are looking for a place to start, or you are an experienced Nannou user looking for more advanced tutorials, this book should have something for you!

As excited as we are about developing tools for creative coding, we are equally excited about fostering a warm, welcoming and inclusive community. Please make yourself familiar with our Code of Conduct and feel free to join us on the Nannou Slack or Matrix community.

Why Nannou?

Here you can read about the motivations and philosophy behind Nannou. Why start Nannou? What drives forward progress?

Getting Started

Is this your first time using Nannou or Rust? This is the chapter for you. This chapter covers everything from installing Rust right through to starting your own Nannou project.


A suite of tutorials demonstrating how to do different things with Nannou. For example, "How do I output sounds?", "How do I draw shapes?", "How can I connect to my laser?"

You can find more tutorials by the community here.

Developer Reference

Learn more about the design philosophy behind Nannou, how the project is architected and how you can contribute.

API Reference

If you are looking for the source code reference, check out docs.rs/nannou. Here you can find documentation about the API generated from the code itself.


See what's possible with Nannou! A collection of projects made with Nannou.