Publishing New Versions

The nannou repo allows community members to open a PR for publishing a new version of any or all of the nannou crates. This makes it much easier for maintainers to publish a new release - all we have to do is accept your PR!

If you would like to see a new version of a crate published, follow these steps:

Choose a Version

The version to use for the next version of the crate(s) you wish to publish will depend on the changes that have been made to the crate(s). The nannou crates follow the rust convention which you can read about here.

Hot tip! Each of the numbers in a crate version has its own name:


E.g. in the version 0.15.3 the 0 is the "major" version, the 15 is the "minor" version and the 3 is the "patch" or "tiny" version. Keep an eye out for these names when reading about versioning in Rust.

Also necessary to keep in mind is that nannou synchronises versions that represent a breaking change (e.g. a change from 0.15.3 to 0.16.0 or 1.0.4 to 2.0.0). In these cases, all crates with the name nannou or nannou_* should be published together with the same version. This version synchronisation makes it easier for users to intuit compatible versions of nannou crates without the need to manually check all of the dependency versions on

Update Cargo.toml

There are two sections of the Cargo.toml file(s) that will need updating.

  1. The version field under the [package] section.
  2. The version field of the [dependencies] and [dev-dependencies] sections of each crate in the repo that uses the crate. E.g. the nannou crate is a dependency of nannou_isf. If we wish to update the version of nannou, we will also need to update the version of nannou specified in the [dependencies] section of nannou_isf.

This can be quite a lot of Cargo.toml changes in the case that you are updating the version of all of the nannou_* crates!

To make this easier, the nannou repo includes a small program at scripts/set_version. You can use it like so:

cargo run --bin set_version -- "0.42.0"

This will:

  • Find all crates via the cargo workspace Cargo.toml file.
  • Sets the specified version number for each of the nannou* packages and updates each of their respective nannou* dependencies.
  • Edits their Cargo.toml files with the result.

Update the Guide

There are two places where we must update the version in the guide:

  1. The Changelog. You can find it at guide/src/ See the most recent version in the guide for a demonstration of how to update the version. For the most part, this just involves adding a date and release heading under the Unreleased heading.
  2. Update the nannou version number in step 3 of the guide/src/getting_started/ section. See the [dependencies] section of the code snippet.

Otherwise, we avoid referring to specific versions in the guide to make updating easier. If you happen to be familiar with grep, this command can help you to double check that there are no more places to update:

grep -nr "= \"0.14\"" guide/

where 0.14 would be replaced with the beginning of the previous version of nannou. This should should list the files and line numbers where the previous version still exists and likely needs updating.

Open a PR

Now you should be ready to open a PR! Be sure to follow the PR Checklist.

Once your PR is reviewed and merged, the nannou repo's CI bot will automatically publish the new versions.

Congrats, you just published some new goodies to for the nannou community!