PR Checklist

When creating a PR, there are a few things you can do to help the process of landing your changes go smoothly:

  • Code Formatting - The most common step to forget is running cargo fmt --all (I forget all the time)! This step ensures there is a consistent style across nannou's codebase.
  • Errors - All changes must build successfully, and all tests must complete successfully before we can merge each PR. Keep in mind that running tests locally can take a loooooong time, so sometimes it can be easier to open your PR and let the repo bot check for you.
  • Warnings - Make sure to address any lingering code warnings before your last commit. Keep in mind that sometimes warnings already exist due to changes in the compiler's linter between versions. Try to at least make sure that your changes do not add any new ones :)
  • Check Examples - Make sure the examples still work by running cargo run --bin run_all_examples. This executes a script that builds and runs all the examples in the project. You need to do a manual check to see if examples have failed to run successfully (e.g. check for wgpu validation errors).
  • Documentation - If you have made any changes that could benefit from updating some code documentation, please be sure to do so! Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone reading your code for the first time.
  • Changelog - The changelog acts as a human-friendly history of the repo that becomes especially useful to community members when updating between different versions of nannou. Be sure to add your changes to guide/src/
  • PR Comment - Be sure to add the following to your PR to make it easier for reviewers to understand and land your code:
    • Motivation for changes. What inspired the PR? Please link to any related issues.
    • Summary of changes. Anything that might help the reviewer to understand your what your changes do will go a long way!

If you forget one of these steps before making your PR, don't panic! The nannou repo has a CI (continuous integration) bot that will check for some of these steps and notify you if anything is out of order. Once the bot checks pass, a community member will review the rest.