An Intro to OSC

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What is OSC?

Open Sound Control or OSC is a protocol for communicating between different pieces of software and/or computers. It is based on network technology and offers a flexible way to share control data between processes with a high level of precision, either internally on your local machine or through a network connection.

In nannou it's possible to both send and receive OSC data, allowing you to control other software or let nannou be controlled by other software.

Setting up OSC

To use OSC in nannou, it is necessary to add the nannou_osc crate as a dependency in your nannou project.

Open up your Cargo.toml file at the root of your nannou project and add the following line under the [dependencies] tag:

nannou_osc = "0.15.0"

The value in the quotes is the version of the OSC package. At the time of writing this, "0.15.0" is the latest version.

To get the latest version of the osc library, execute cargo search nannou_osc on the command line and read the resulting version from there.

To use the crate in your nannou-projects you can add a use-statement at the top of your file to import the OSC-functionality.

use nannou_osc as osc;
fn main() {}